01 Mar

Richard Pollard's Story

Richard Pollard's Story Richard Pollard's Story Richard Pollard's Story
The story
Newly accustomed to his myoelectric hand, Richard was looking for a charging solution that would improve his awareness and provide a more cosmetic appearance. Whilst functional, the standard Lithium Polymer battery was cumbersome and sat on top of his socket, meaning he often knocked the casing, resulting in the battery falling out.

Recalling one rather unfortunate event, Richard remembers singing and dancing at a gig when he looked down at his arm and saw an empty space where his battery was meant to sit. Concerned, he started looking around on the floor, but the battery was long gone never to be seen again. 

The solution
Design and manufactured by Steeper technicians, the S-Charge System is primarily an internal battery system featuring three unique components: the S-Cell batteries, Hub and Display. All three work seamlessly together to provide a flexible, discreet charging solution for myoelectric prosthesis users like Richard.
The S-Charge System offers a revolutionary new alternative to prosthetic battery technology, the thin and flexible multi-configurable S-Cell batteries along with the OLED display and magnetic charger make this system not only user-friendly but also simple to install for the prosthetist and technicians. 

The turning point
Hidden out of sight, Richard's S-Cell batteries are safely secured inside his socket. For Richard, this means no more batteries lost at gigs, but instead a system in which he feels confident in.

Understanding more about his new myoelectric hand and its charging requirements have given Richard greater insight into his prosthesis for the first time. Being able to easily activate, deactivate and charge his prosthesis whilst monitoring the power status during use has enabled him to remain in control. 

Richard's Case Study