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Espire Elbow
Compatible with the
Espire Pro & Hybrid

Espire Elbow Batteries

At 3,000 mAh they are one of the most powerful batteries on the market. One of these high-capacity batteries allows for a full day of average use, and two are supplied with the Espire Pro and Espire Hybrid. The battery will not only power the elbow, but any terminal device which is being used with the device. The batteries are charged with the unique Espire Smart Charger, which is designed to be used easily with one hand.

The Espire battery voltage is future-proof at 11.1V -  a voltage which can be precisely configured using the Espire Hub App depending on what devices are plugged into the unit. A quick press of the power button on the underside of the elbow will activate the battery indicator LED, letting the user know how much charge is left. Users can also check battery charge by removing the battery from the elbow, and looking at the battery fuel 'gauge' on the side.

For more information on the Espire Elbow batteries, download the Espire Pro technical manual here.  

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