Trusignal AC Electrodes

Espire Pro & Espire Hybrid
Kit Includes
AC Myo Wire Harness
Electrode Ground Wire Harness
TruSignal AC Electrodes


The Steeper TruSignal A/C Electrode Kit provides proportional control to prosthetic devices - such as the Espire Pro and Espire Hybrid elbows. This electrode kit consists of a set of wire harnesses with TruSignal boards attached and remote metal electrodes. The TruSignal board snaps onto the electrodes.
  • 3 choices of dome size to suit a variety if users; Large, Medium and Paediatric
  • The TruSignal board located directly on the electrode cleans the signal and lowers impedance
  • The cleaned AC signal is delivered directly to the Espire microprocessor
  • Software within the elbow amplifies the signal corresponding to the patient’s calibration
  • Electrodes are independent, they can be placed by the clinicians wherever they want in the socket
  • Each site has two active electrodes

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TruSignal Circuit Board Manual