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Does the Espire Pro/Hybrid come with a battery charger?
Yes, the Espire Pro/Hybrid Elbow will come with a mains-powered single-bay battery charger. A dual-bay battery charger is also available for purchase.
How do I connect the Espire Pro/Hybrid to the Hub App via Bluetooth?
  • Ensure Bluetooth is switched on in iPad settings
  • To activate Bluetooth on the Espire Pro or Espire Hybrid, remove the battery from the compartment and then replace; this will reactivate the Bluetooth connection for two minutes or until connected to the iPad
  • If the above does not work, on the iPad go into settings, Bluetooth and select ‘Forget Devices’ and then select the Espire elbow. Now repeat the step above and sync the devices
  • If this fails, check the wiring connections are correct by referring to the Technical Manual
  • If you are still unable to connect please contact Steeper for technical support
  • You may also find it useful to complete the Espire Hub App modules on our online learning platform UpSkill by Steeper
How do I fabricate an Espire Elbow to a socket?
For detailed instructions on fabricating an Espire Elbow, including systems with TruSignal A/C Electrodes, please download the fabrication instructions here. Alternatively, watch our instructional video on the process here.

If you have any queries regarding the process or encounter any issues, please contact
How do I know which Espire Elbow model would be appropriate for my patient?
We have created training courses which compare the entire Espire Elbow range on UpSkill by Steeper, which is free to join, and designed for access by prosthetists and prosthetic technicians. 

Courses include a detailed look at which models would be appropriate for various patient goals, and matching them according to presentation, requirements and future needs.

Learn more about UpSkill
How long should the battery power last on an Espire Pro/Hybrid?
The Espire Pro and Hybrid models are supplied with two battery packs, each supplying up to 8 hours of power. The length of time that each battery pack will last for will depend on device usage, and the type of terminal devices used alongside the elbow.
What are the benefits to using the A/C Myoelectrodes with TruSignal technology?
Benefits to using the TruSignal Electrodes include:
  • Electrodes are not laminated into the socket, meaning the placement of them can be changed by simply drilling a hole and re-positioning the electrode
  • The ability to place the electrodes where desired allows the user to find the best possible signal clarity and limit interference between myo sites
  • Different dome size options means electrodes can be selected to suit a patient's residual limb tissue consistency
  • Has a simple fabrication process with no lamination dummies required
What color options are available for the Espire Elbow?
Patients fitted with the Espire Elbow will have the choice of five colour options: Black, Brown, Caucasian, Silver and White. Alternatively, we have a range of custom colour finishes available – click here to view.
What is an input control?
An input control is an external accessory that is connected to the elbow for the purpose of controlling the elbow or output devices of the Espire Elbow. They can also control switching between devices. Inputs use cable wires to connect to the elbow.

The two types of input that can be used with the Espire Elbow are:
What is the warranty on an Espire Elbow?
The warranty for the Pro and Hybrid models is 2 years; and an additional 2-year warranty is available for purchase. the warranty for the Classic Plus, Classic and Basic it is 1 year.
What is the weight limit for the Espire Elbow?
The maximum weight limit for carried objects is 24lbs across the entire Espire Elbow range.