Espire Classic

The Espire Classic is a body-powered mechanical elbow that features a forearm counterbalance mechanism and manual lock. It uses a dial to adjust the effect of the counterbalance which can be located either laterally or medially. This model contains no electronics or circuitry to provide a lightweight option.

Features & Benefits

  • Locking the elbow is performed via a cable on the device, and uses a simple upward pull to engage
  • Utilises a forearm counterbalance mechanism to negate the effects of gravity and allows the patient to position the forearm with minimal effort
  • Does not have a slip-stop function, meaning the elbow will not drift downwards under load - even when locked
  • Anatomical look and shape offer a natural resting position
  • Available in six finish options: Brown, Caucasian, White, Silver, Jet Black and Carbon Fibre

Technical Information

Weight Small | 1.44 lbs      Standard | 1.48 lbs
Sides Left and Right
Weight Limit 25 lbs (11.3kg)
Locking Function Manual
Flexion Angle -5 - 135°
Warranty 1-year warranty 
Elbow Function Counterbalance
Dial Placement Options Medial and Lateral


Espire Classic

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