Espire Hybrid

The Espire Hybrid has the same electronics and battery as the Pro - without the powered elbow joint. Instead, this model has an adjustable forearm counterbalance mechanism to evenly distribute the weight of the forearm, wrist, and terminal device, negating the effects of gravity. This allows the patient to position the forearm with minimal effort. The Hybrid conveniently uses the same inputs as the Pro to control a range of terminal devices.

Features & Benefits

  • The Espire Hub iPad app allows prosthetists to use a wireless bluetooth connection to control the elbow functions, and customize configurations to suit the user’s needs
  • Adjustable counterbalance feature via a dial on the elbow allows the device to balance the weight of the forearm, wrist and terminal device for ease of positioning
  • Supplied with two easily interchangeable 3000mAh batteries and the corresponding charging dock. Each battery can provide a full day of function to the user
  • Secure, electric lock for optimal control throughout the day, which can be controlled via myo signals or other traditional outputs
  • The Hybrid is also equipped with the free swing motor, allowing for more natural movement when the user is walking
  • Available in six finish options: Brown, Caucasian, White, Silver, Jet Black and Carbon Fibre

Technical Information
Weight Small | 2.13 lbs     Standard | 2.17 lbs
Sides Left and Right
Weight Limit 25 lbs (11.3kg)
Locking Function Electric
Flexion Angle -5 - 135°
Connections Inputs | 12        Outputs | 4
Speed 135° a second
Warranty 2-year warranty (additional warranty available)
Elbow Function Counterbalance


Espire Hybrid

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