Pattern Recognition Technology

Coapt Gen 2

The Complete Control Gen2 by Coapt is the latest advancement in pattern recognition control technology, which can be utilised with the Espire Pro and Espire Hybrid elbows. This add-on controller kit provides intuitive and natural movement for the user.

The Gen2 is easily incorporated and readily compatible with the Espire Elbow, and allows the prosthesis to 'learn' the user's unique movements through pattern recognition - as opposed to the often limited capabilities of single or dual-site myoelectric control. 

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IBT Sense

IBT's Sense pattern recognition system provides multi-degree freedom of control without the need for traditional switching. Movements in different degrees of freedom can be directly activated by producing appropriate EMG patterns.

IBT offers free webinars to train Prosthetists and Occupational Therapists on Sense and provides free loaner kits to evaluate a patient's potential as a pattern recognition user. Additionally, Sense includes Myotrain, a comprehensive Windows training app where patients and clinicians can test movements using a virtual arm. Myotrain also includes a game-based virtual training environment for partial training and positional training, allowing users to start learning pattern recognition even before their prosthesis arrives. Patients can ultimately use the Sense mobile app to calibrate on-the-go.

IBT's pattern recognition system also features low battery consumption and uses the lowest-profile cased electrodes on the market.

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