Adult Cosmetic Hands and Gloves

Foam hands
Partial hand gloves
Silicone or PVC
Colour shades
Standard or TrueFinish™

Key Features

Our cosmetic hands are designed for dress purposes only and are intended for use with our silicone and PVC cosmetic gloves. These hands are made from flexible skinned lightweight foam around a metal skeleton mounted on a plastic base.

Silicone and PVC gloves are available in 19 colors in either Standard finish, or TrueFinishTM which features micropigmentation for a more lifelike appearance. 

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Features & Benefits

  • Silicone or PVC gloves
  • Standard or TrueFinish available
  • 19 colour shades
  • Full length and partial hand gloves all available
  • A wider range of cosmetic hands are also available, with extended wires and no internal base
  • Full details of each hand and the appropriate glove can be found in the catalogue pages