Compatible Wrists

Espire Wrist Options

Espire Elbow
Compatible Wrists
Quick Disconnect Wrist
Friction Wrist
Short Wrist
Heavy-Duty Wrist
Child's 2-Knob Wrist

Espire Wrist Options

There are many different powered and non-powered wrists which are compatible with various models across the Espire Elbow range. This includes the Quick Disconnect Wrist, which allows clinicians to connect outputs to operate a terminal device into the Espire Pro, Hybrid or Classic Plus.

For more information on each of the compatible Steeper wrists, please visit their specific webpages below:

Wrist Compatibility

Espire Model Wrist Option
Pro Quick Disconnect Wrist
Hybrid Quick Disconnect Wrist
Classic Plus Quick Disconnect Wrist, Friction Wrist, Short Wrist
Classic, Basic Friction Wrist, Short Wrist, Heavy-Duty Wrist, Child's 2-Knob Wrist

Other manufacturer wrist compatibility information can be found within the each model's Technical Information – please visit the Downloads and Resources page to access the relevant manual .