Heavy Duty Wrist & Housing

Control Strategy
Manual operation
27mm (wrist)
25mm or 38mm (housing)
73.4-84g (wrist)
15.8-53.6g (housing)

Key Features

Heavy Duty Wrist
Easy to maintain, this wrist unit provides quick and easy interchanging of the terminal device. It is lockable in 12 positions of rotation giving the user improved control and dexterity to complete functional tasks. Available in 3 sizes, with an option to reverse the action of the operating knob for bilateral users; when used with one of a variety of hand/adapter plates, this wrist allows rotation to be free, or controlled.

Heavy Duty Wrist Housing
The Heavy Duty Wrist Housing is used to secure the Heavy Duty Wrist within the forearm. These housings are available in a range of sizes and either parallel or tapered options to suit the desired wrist dimensions and forearm profile.

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Features & Benefits

  • Range of sizes
  • Anodised aluminium and stainless steel provide strength and durability capable of withstanding daily rigour in a compact package
  • Wrist housing sold separately