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S-Charge System Richard Pollard S-Charge System

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SteeperUSA is the US office of Steeper, providing technical and customer services to our customers in the United States.

Almost 100 years of experience has gone into our range of off-the-shelf and bespoke upper extremity prosthetics. Offering a wide range of electric, mechanical, passive and functional prostheses, along with gloves and coverings, we give prosthetists and their patients greater choice, no matter the circumstances or condition of their needs.

Specialists in Myoelectric Hands

Steeper Myoelectric Hands are electrically operated devices designed to meet the needs of most upper limb amputees. A powerful mechanism is provided, giving a grip force output suitable for most routine daily tasks.

Innovative, built-in electronics provide a choice of nine control modes for the hand, selected using the dial switch feature. The on-board system also includes an electronic ‘gear change’ allowing power to be stored and released on demand.

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Skinergy Plus

Manufactured using the latest innovation in silicone polymer technology, Skinergy Plus provides an extremely high level of cosmesis for the below knee user, incorporating a unique seamless finish. Easy to fit, enhanced toughness and improved realism make Skinergy Plus our most impressive leg cover yet.

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