Myoelectric Hand

Myo Kinisi

Control Strategy
Control Modes
Five modes
Hand Size Range
7¼ - 8¼
Wrist Options
1/2" x 20TPI
M12 x 1.5mm
Wrist Size

Key Features

The Myo Kinisi BluetoothTM is a myoelectrically controlled terminal device engineered to provide optimal control, responding intuitively to the strength and speed of the user’s muscle contractions. This prosthetic hand is designed to be tailored by the prosthetist to the individual’s needs, with multiple wrist, size and hand mode options for the patient’s comfort and usability.

This device aims to assist Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), by providing an easy to control, high speed grasp, alongside a strong grip force. Optimally powered using high-capacity battery systems, it is recommended for use with an S-Charge System fabricated within the forearm.

A durable PVC hand shell encloses and protects the hand’s internal mechanism, accompanied by the Elegance Plus reinforced silicone glove, specifically designed for the Myo Kinisi.

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Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for patients at levels equivalent to transradial and more proximally, in both unilateral and bilateral applications
  • Auto-grip feature automatically tightens the grip on slipping objects
  • Compatible with a range of industry standard inputs including myoelectrodes, switches, force sensitive resistors and linear transducers
  • Integrated low-profile on/off function button
  • Internal manual safety mechanism for patient reassurance which allows the grip to be released in an emergency
  • Supercapacitor technology provides efficient control and power conservation
  • Strong titanium chassis for durability
  • Electronic ‘gear change’ allows power to be stored and released on demand
  • The Steeper Myo Kinisi App for iOS and Android allows the selection of one of five control modes and ability to customise the standard hand settings to fit each individual patient
  • Elegance Plus cosmetic glove has enhanced cosmetic detailing, and a reinforced integrated mesh lining for increased durability and tear resistance
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