Myoelectric Accessories

Steeper Configuration Device

Myo Kinisi

Key Features

The Steeper Configuration Device is a programming hub designed to set up the Myo Kinisi, and allow one of five modes to be easily selected and adjusted.

The Steeper Configuration Device allows the clinician to customize the standard hand settings to suit each individual patient’s ability and requirements. A variety of parameters can be adjusted, including enabling/disabling the auto-grip, adjusting input thresholds and altering opening/closing speed.

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Features & Benefits

  • The Steeper Configuration Device is compatible with all wrist options. A supplementary cable is provided to enable connection to the friction wrist or threaded stud hands
  • Offers 13 adjustable parameters to the Steeper Myo Kinisi Hand
  • Selection of control modes, using a variety of industry standard inputs
  • Real-time adjustment of parameters
  • Easy-to-read screen and simple 3 button operation
  • Compact, maintenance-free design
  • Bluetooth connection for software updates
  • In-line configuration