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Key Features

We have adapted and developed our Elegance gloves, and are pleased to introduce the new Elegance Plus cosmesis to our cosmetic glove range. These gloves feature an enhaced cosmetic finish are designed to fit the Steeper Myo Kinisi myoelectric hand, Steeper cable operated hands as well as functional hands from other manufacturers.

Crafted using multiple layers of advanced silicone material and constructed with an integrated, reinforced inner mesh layer, these gloves are highly tear-resistant. This silicone material allows for additional stretch in comparison to a PVC glove, and so reduces the energy expended by the myoelectric hand motor each time it opens - making this a highly robust cosmesis, particularly suited to higher activity patients.

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Features & Benefits

  • New integrated, reinforced inner mesh layer provides increased resilience against tearing and is highly robust
  • Increased longevity, making this range highly cost effective
  • Enhanced cosmetic finish with additional detailing on the palms, knuckles, nails and joints
  • An easy-glide coating enables a patient to dress with ease
  • Silicone surface can be easily wiped down when required making the glove suitable for use in a variety of environments
  • Easier to don in comparison to the first generation Elegance silicone gloves
  • Innovative reinforced mesh construction offers the toughness associated with PVC, along with the ease of cleaning provided by silicone
  • Compatible with Steeper and other manufacturers’ myoelectric and mechanical hands
  • Available in the advanced micro-pigmentation TrueFinish™ for added realism and depth