Myoelectric Accessories

Seal-In Kit

Dimensions (LxWxH)
35 x 27 x 10mm

Key Features

The Seal-In Kit is designed for use with the supplied high performance ELEC50/ELEC60 electrode.

The mounting method stabilises the electrode within the inner socket and allows a sealing gasket to maintain an airtight seal. This allows practical applications in suction sockets, providing excellent socket retention and maintenance of fit. The seal also helps to prevent moisture ingress from the inner socket reducing risk of damage to components housed within the prosthesis.

The Seal-In Kit is available in 50Hz or 60Hz versions and each kit consists of all necessary formers to manufacture in Laminate, Thermoplastic or Silicone as well as including the advanced Steeper electrode. This allows the user to benefit from state of the art electronics, advanced signal capture and processing, bio-compatable titanium contacts as well as the security and comfort of a suction socket.

A separate kit exists consisting purely of the mounting and sealing components. This is intended to allow upgrade of existing non-suction mounted electrodes (ELEC50 & ELEC60 only) as well as providing easy access to spares for maintenance and socket replacement.

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Technical Manual

Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding vacuum retention in suction sockets
  • Prevents moisture ingress into prosthesis
  • Available in 50Hz or 60Hz
  • Suction kit available as spare or for upgrading existing electrodes
  • Suitable for laminated, thermoplastic or silicone sockets